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Taungoo Attractions

Taungoo was founded in 1280 in the waning days of Pagan as part of frontier expansion southwards. After the fall of Pagan Empire in 1287, Taungoo came under the rule of Myinsaing Kingdom and later Pinya Kingdom. In 1313, Uzana (later King Uzana of Pinya) was appointed governor of Taungoo. In the late 14th century, Taungoo became a nominal part of the Ava Kingdom, but its rulers retained a large degree of autonomy, playing larger Ava and Hanthawaddy kingdoms against each other. In 1470, Ava put down another rebellion and made Sithu Kyawhtin, the general who defeated the rebellion, governor. Sithu Kyawhtin’s grandson Mingyinyo became governor of Toungoo in 1486. Under Mingyinyo’s leadership, the principality grew powerful. In October 1510, Mingyinyo formally broke away from Ava and founded the Taungoo Kingdom.